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About Our CEO

Although placed in alternative settings, students sometimes only have school to look forward to. For over 20 years, Jermaine has been a part of the educational system and someone that students, and youth can look up to. He believes that "at-risk" is only a label placed on students to avoid supporting them to the fullest. 

With his non-profit organization, Binding Ties Inc. as a foundation Jermaine leads students into understanding that they are more than a risk, they are worth it! He has been featured in many local news segments on WLTX News 19, WIS TV 10, and WACH 57. He has also been featured in local news articles in The State, Free Times, and district-wide campaigns. Through his hard work, he has gained national attention as a Points of Light recipient, Hometown Hero, recognition from the Ellen Show and Steve Harvey Show, and The Binding Ties "Good Deed Challenge".  His mission is to create a better connection between students, parents and the community. You can find out more information about Jermaine and his life-changing efforts by using the links listed below.

Binding Ties Inc.

Jermaine's contact number is 803.603.6840.

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