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Our Mission 

Binding Ties, Inc. is a 501(c)3 Non-profit entity, committed to: CMFM (C)reating a positive environment for youth, (M)aintaining a vibrant, safe community empowered to achieve lifelong success, (F)ocusing on teaching youth to understand the value of becoming successful, and (M)ainting personal accountability for their actions through community, school, and family involvement.

Binding Ties, Inc. is a non-profit entity committed to creating a positive environment for our youth. We focus on teaching our youth to understand the value of becoming successful and to maintain personal accountability for their actions. Here, at Binding Ties, Inc., we have established several new outlets which embrace community, school, and family. Through these outlets, we have established better parent and community participation.

We welcome you the opportunity to see how concerned we are for our future leaders - our youth!


4001 Ulmer Road

Columbia, SC 29209

Phone: 803-603-6840

Fax: 803-401-5770


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